Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Tonight was the initial public information meeting for a 10 acre parcel of land on the old Jaro Nursery site between Ulverston, Royston Road and 10th Street.  The owner of the property, Dale Querin, plans to develop the property with his two sons.  The project is just in the infant stages, and Mr. Querin is hoping to get a good deal of feedback from the community. There was a good turnout to this information session - people came armed with their creative ideas.  Specifically, many voiced the opinion that environmental conservation strategies should be factored in when designing this property.

At this public information meeting Mr. Querin had maps and photos for citizens to view.  To help citizens visualize what may come, there were photos of the types of houses Mr. Querin hopes to build.  (Photos were not of houses he himself has built - these images were just examples.)  There were maps of the Village showing the location of the development.  There was also a map illustrating the Village zoning, though the Village office was only able to supply a map dated 2006.  Mr. Querin included a poster describing some of his ideas for the property, such as retention of tree buffers, storm water management, variety of lot sizes, etc.  There was also a place where citizens could write down their ideas for the new subdivision.  People wrote things like "Community garden space," "Please save the trees along 10th Street," and "Like a Tin Town in the trees."