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In a marathon Council meeting, a great many of issues were covered: 

Delegation - CVW and Little Island Productions

Atmosphere Festival recap and request for Street Closure and Noise Bylaw exemption for the 2015 festival - 14th - 16th August.

Expanded campground, RV camping, increased security, pay an attendant for water park and washrooms, increased sanitation, litter recovery on surrounding streets. Alcohol sales within the big tent. Use access road from far end of park by BMX site. Limit access and rogue parking on 6th St and connected streets. Shuttle to Comox Lake camping. Sound mitigation including monitoring of sub-sonic frequencies, plan to reduce by at least 10% and move big tent 300 ft further from 6th Street. Earlier 11pm close on Sunday, 1pm on Friday and Saturday.

Full appllication and staff report at next council meeting. Mayor Baird noted that the majority of complaints received supported the event but were concerned about levels of bass and times of operation.


CVRD Chair wrote in response to Council’s enquiry regarding the Homeless Shelter land to clarify that the original covenant requiring the land to be used for an Emergency Shelter or Supportive Housing was ended when the land was sold. Councillor Kishi asks whether there is any way to recover the money borrowed for this purpose or enforce the original intent. Mayor Baird felt that if Supportive Housing was the intent and need now, that was the right thing for Courtenay to do, but Council needs to wait for Courtenay’s response to the original letter.

CMX Rendering_crop

Construction is underway for the North Island Hospitals Project, slated to open in late 2017. The focus now is on pouring concrete for the floors and structural columns that support the whole hospital structures. Community members are invited to attend upcoming community information meetings to find out more about the project.

  • Wednesday, March 11th, 7-9 p.m. in the Stan Hagen Theatre at North Island College in Courtenay.
  • Thursday, March 12th, 7-9 p.m. in the Timberline Secondary School Theatre in Campbell River.

Cumberland Council held a Village Hall meeting on Monday evening to give citizens the chance to ask questions of staff and council. At the well attended meeting, a wide range of topics were covered.

Backyard Chickens

Elke Bibby, aka 'The Chicken Lady' reminded Council that is was 18 months since she gained over 500 signatures of support for backyard chickens and asked what progress has been made on changing the bylaw. The Mayor responded that this is a change to the zoning bylaw, which is likely to be addressed in the next year now that the OCP has been completed.

Maple Lake Purchase

The VIllage is working with the landowner to obtain an appraisal of the land value and decide whether and how to proceed with fundraising for the purchase of the lake area as a VIllage Park.


Trilogy have purchased lot 3a from Hancock Timber. At this point, they have not applied for subdivision although they cannot do anything with the land until they do. Amenity payments are not triggered on this first subdivision and the agreement is complex but when two lots are subdivided, part or all of the $4.5m payment would become due.

The land is currently under a very low tax assessment as 'private managed forest'. The sale will remove this designation and mean that commercial tax would be due, but the timing of this change means that the VIllage may not see tax revenue until the 2016 year. On the land value of about $1m, the commercial tax would be about $85k a year to the Village.

Cumberland, B.C. – Cumberland Council is looking to spend the funds it annually provides to regional economic development on initiatives that have more direct impact on the Cumberland community. On January 27, 2015, the Village gave notice to participating communities of its intent to withdraw from the regional economic development service, currently provided under contract by the Comox Valley Economic Development Society.

"The Village acknowledges that stimulating economic development in the Comox Valley is hard work, and that there is a long list of demands placed on the service," said Mayor Leslie Baird. "Withdrawing would make the Society's job easier and allow Cumberland to focus on its own needs that differ from those in the rest of the Valley."

In a delegation to Cumberland Council on Monday evening, Ian de Lisle, Area Manager for Hancock Forest Management, laid out their 2015 logging plans within the Village.

The company won't be logging any of the lands that the Community Forest Society wishes to buy both in their Phase 2 purchase, for which funds are being raised right now, and a future wish list including more forest in the Perseverance Watershed.

Logging is underway or planned for this year in a number of other areas. The block numbers can be seen on the maps posted here.

Bevan Road, block CU-70 the area beyond the landfill, will be logged in mid Jan until February. Pending the results of a legal survey, logging will be right up to the road and the landfill fence. Logs will be taken out by Bevan Road in both directions, to Lake Trail and Cumberland Road.

At Whytes Bay, by Comox Lake, block CU-91 will be partially logged over a two year period, with plans taking into account aesthetics from the Lake Road, set back 30-40m from the legal line and not logging any old growth. Logs will be taken out by private road towards the landfill area.

Above the chlorine shack and the Community Forest, block CU-96 will be logged in late Feb, this is the area containing Matt's Trail and President's Choice.

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