Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Cumberland's new Council, and the continuing Mayor, took the Oath of Office in front of a nearly full house in Counci Chambers last night.

Rob Everson, Chief Councillor of the K'√≥moks First Nation gave an opening address in which he passed on some words of wisdom he was given in the past and reminded Councillors to 'leave your ego at the door and do your job'. Judge R.J. Sutton addressed the room with a mix of formality and relaxed humour, recalling his experiences playing basketball against Cumberland in the 1960's and congratulating Mayor Leslie Bair on 25 years of service on Council. Judge Sutton reminded Council of the duties of their roles and the honorable nature of service, and recommended some light reading matter for them with Joseph Tussman's 'Obligation and the Body Politic'. 

Mayor Leslie Baird was first to take the oath, followed by Councillors Jesse Ketler, Roger Kishi, Gwyn Sproule and Sean Sullivan. After applause from the floor, Council took their seats and began business with the appointments to a wide range of committees, commissions and external boards. 

The first vote of the new council produced a surprise when Councillor Ketler proposed an amendment to the motion of appointments to the Heritage Commission and Maple Lake Fundraising Commitee by asking that terms be limited to one year instead of two as proposed by the Mayor. Councilors Kishi and Sproule expressed concern about learning curves and continuity of representation, but eventually supported the amendment and confirmed Councillor Sproule for Heritage and Mayor Baird for Maple Lake, for one year terms. In the same motion, council voted to establish select committees on accessibility and homelessness / affordable housing. 

Council's second vote was for appointments to external boards including the CVRD, CVEDS and a number of other significant committees. Councilor Ketler again proposed an amendment to one year terms but this was not supported by Councillors Kishi and Sproule who felt that boards such as the CVRD require more than a single year to build understanding and reationships in order to be effective. The motion was defeated 3-2 with Councilors Ketler and Sullivan voting in favour. 

After approving the signing autorities, schedule of meetings and a change to the Deputy Approving Officer, the meeting adjourned and Council shared refreshments and chat with staff and citizens as they begin their work over the next four years.

The Municipal Election for 2014 is now well underway and here in Cumberland we will have an election for the four available seats on the Village Council, with eight candidates. Last election, in 2011, this website covered the process and candidates insome detail. This time around, we have a new Village website with easily accessible information, and the very prompt appearance of candidate profiles in both local papers. There is little need for us to duplicate that information, so we present links to relevant pages to help you find out more about the election and candidates.

We are organising an All Candidates Meeting for Monday 3rd November, at 6:30pm in the Cultural Centre, next to the Museum. We hope to see many of our friends, neighbours and readers there.

More information can be found at:

The meeting opened with a statement from the mayor reminding council members about the code of conduct for members of municipal council.

Angela Holmes, from School District 71, made a presentation to council about the Active Travel Initiative, a program to promote active modes of transportation for children to get to school. in the Comox Valley, 20-25% of traffic is created by parents driving their children to school. Pilot projects have been put in place at Huband, Puntledge and Robb Road schools. The Initiative has provided all 3 schools with a Safe Route Map for the students.

The Ministry of Environment has sent a draft of the Landfill Criteria for Municipal Solid Waste to Village Council. According to the draft, the current landfill would not fall into any of the criteria. It's too close to town, too close to ground water and too close to a park.

Council approved the use of Cumberland roads on August 17th for the Simon's Cycle YANA Ride, for the race put on by Comox Valley Cycle Club on June 7th and the request to hold a Thunderballs Fundraiser on May 19th. This is a creative fundraiser put on by the CCSS to fund the skate park

Next Monday, June 2nd at 7pm is a Village Hall meeting, a chance for residents to come and chat with the Mayor, Council and staff about anything they wish to discuss. Also on the agenda is the draft masterplan for Coal Creek Park (Chinatown) with many ideas and implication for the development of the park in coming years. Click here to see the agenda and Masterplan. 

And yes, it mentions Disc Golf....

Here's what's on tonights Council Agenda - 5:30pm in Chambers. Full papers are here.

  • Ulverston Road closure and land sale
  • New street name and direction finding signs
  • OCP Status Report and the Context Statement for CVRD
  • Changes to Transit Routes
  • Monthly reports from staff and Councilors
  • Final reading of the Financial Plan and Property Tax Bylaws

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