Tuesday, February 19, 2019
Cumberland Matters aims to provide both factual information and opinion so that we, the citizens of Cumberland, can be better informed and feel ready to express our views at community forums, council hearings and the ballot box

Here is what was discussed at the council meeting.

  • Car Free Sunday - 25 Sep, 2011.  1-5pm
    • Andrew Gower presented a plan for closing a loop of streets in Comox, Courtenay and Cumberland and having an afternoon of car free activities
    • In Cumberland, this would be Dunsmuir and Derwent between 1st and 7th
    • Controlled access would be at key intersections to maintain safe cross flow of cars
    • Limited costs - some funding already received to go towards professional traffic management

Here's what's on the Council agenda for next Monday.

  • A couple of 'in camera' (not public) meetings to discuss stuff that needs to be private
    • personal info about an individual up for an award or honour, or offering a gift
    • labour or other employee relations
  • A delegation from Andrew Gower regarding a possible 'car free Sunday' closure of some streets on September 25th
  • A request for a Development Variance Permit from the owner of 2615 Penrith who wants to build a studio a little bigger than the regulations allow.

Well, here's the first news item for Cumberland Matters - a new site covering issues related to the future of our village.  At first we want to do something very simple, to publicise Council Meeting agendas and provide a brief report about each meeting.

We'd also like to become a store of letters written to the papers about Village issues.  Did they publish yours? Or Not?  Send it to us, we'll add it to our Letters section.

In due course, we'll add in some information relevant to the upcoming Elections and more stuff, but for now, welcome!

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