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I would like to express my disappointment in the actions of the current owners of the Carlisle Lane / Jaro Nursery development in clearing the property and in the Villages' approval of the development. I regret that we, as a Village, have not honored the principles of the past and soon to be new OCP to preserve and promote agriculture within the Village. The Jaro property presented a real opportunity to have an ECO village type of development that would contribute to our community economically and as a model of sustainable living.

The property in question had some incredible resources that with some attention and minimal cost could have been utilized - Hundreds of trees like Gary oaks and Sequoias could have been rescued and transplanted - perhaps within the Village. The existing border of of large second growth trees could be left standing with sufficient buffer zones to ensure safety. High density lower cost housing could be concentrated in the center of the property, providing a much needed alternative in housing styles. Land that is very suited for agriculture could have been preserved and utilized to provide an income and/or food supply for Cumberland residents.

I attended many of the meetings hosted by the current owners and developers and expressed these thoughts both verbally and in writing. As with many of us, I have a very busy life and am often not in Cumberland. My partner and I have both had to travel outside of Cumberland to work at certain times of the year so we did not actively pursue a campaign to oppose this development.

I do regret not doing so, seeing the results and the disruption of our neighborhood over the past 18 months. Although the Carlisle Lane owners have taken "appropriate steps" and due process to develop this property, there are still deficiencies and inefficiencies. My partner is very knowledgeable in regards to construction practices and we have watched in dismay as resources have been wasted and mismanaged as this property is cleared.

Council voted to receive the delegation of MNP to review the Audit Findings Report, year ending Dec.31, 2013. Corey Vanderhorst CA provided a summary of the Audit Findings Report to Council. A fairly long and detailed report that was generally punctuated with the phrase, "This is good." A better summary might be from the sustainability portion of the executive summary, "We can conclude that financial sustainability of the Village is trending in a positive direction." Council approved the consolidated financial statements for the year ending Dec.31, 2013.

Council voted to receive the delegation of Sgt. Roger Plamondon, Comox Valley RCMP Detachment regarding the Annual Performance Plan 2014. Within his report, he referred to the Cumberland Statistical Comparison of calls for service. His "bottom line" was that total criminal code calls were down from 208 in 2012 to 152 in 2013, a 27% reduction.

With no unfinished business or correspondence to deal with, Council voted to receive Staff Report from Judith Walker regarding "Nature Without Borders, 2nd Edition, 2013". After a brief report, Council voted to endorse the report as a tool for environmental planning and directed Staff to refer to this document in environmental planning decisions.

Here's what's on Monday's agenda - 5:30pm in Chambers - full papers here

  • Delegation from Cumberland Museum
  • Review of grant program for non-profit park and facility usage
  • Open house on Mar 31 for Village Hall, Budget and Road Closure
  • OCP Bylaw amendments, 2nd Reading and notice of a public meeting on April 17th
  • First reading of a Fire Protection Bylaw
  • Final reading of the Solid Waste Bylaw

This week our reporting is by Melissa - look for her report in Thursday

When: April 11, 12, and 13, 2014

Where: Masonic hall, Cumberland. Fieldwork in the Cumberland wetlands

Learn how to monitor and protect our wetlands

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Here's what's on the Council Agenda for Monday, 10th March 2014. 5:30 in Council Chambers, read the full papers here.

  • Land swap and permanent road closure for the new School Campus
  • Street sign designs 
  • CVRD Financial Plan
  • Delegation about local food provision to the new hosiptals
  • Reports from Staff and Councilors
  • Final reading of the Water Rates bylaw, 2nd and 3rd of the Solid Waste Bylaw
  • In camera meeting

This week our reporting is by Izabelle, look for her report on Thursday.

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