Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Here's what's on the agenda for the Council meeting on Nov 12th, 5:30pm in Chambers. It's on Tuesday because of the Remembrance Day holiday. 

  • Requests for free use of parks and facilities from the Museum, Empire Days, United Church, Perseverance Trail Run, Legion, Forset Society, UROC, Motorcycle Round-up, Community Schools,  Pacific Northwest Labour History Conference, Horseshoe Club, Junior School Band, and the Cross on the Rock Cyclocross Race.
    • These requests total $3,625, a 50% increase over last year's grants. 
  • Report from the Cumberland Lake Park contractor, total income of $185k, and number of campers up by 16% over last year
  • Responding to the 'MMBC' recycling proposal
  • Reports from Staff
  • First reading of the Water Rates and Sanitary Sewer Rates Bylaw
  • First reading of a Financial Plan Amendment Bylaw
  • An in-camera meeting to discuss land issues

This week our reporting will be by Melissa, look for her report on Thursday.

BC Hydro Street Lighting.

This proposal to switch from drop lens to flat lens was approved unanimously. Council questioned the wording that Hydro doesn't cover vandalism and asked staff to confirm that agreements in place would remain the same. Right now, Hydro's lights have a concave lens and instead the lens will be flat and more pointed at the street, thus possibly patchier distribution of light. This gradual conversion would be at no additional cost to the local governments when "Replacements are identified during maintenance (vandalism replacement is the exception).

Village Park Skateboard Park Project Update

Council unanimously approved an MOU with the Cumberland Community School Society, to work together on the Skateboard park project. The only recommendation not approved was regarding the temporary skakeboard park facility in the existing Village Park basketball court. They have asked staff for a report with more details on this concept. Council approved the installing of a sign for "Future home of Cumberland Skatepark" to assist with fundraising. The skatepark group has also received an exemption on park fees to hosting skateboard park fundraising events.

Village of Cumberland Entrance Sign Report.

Council did not approve any of the locations suggested on the staff report. The three areas were: At Interchange (south side of roadway), or at Union Rd (south side of intersection) or At wetlands crossing (south side). Council asked staff to review the location of signage to be more effective at the highway to those coming into the Valley rather than to residents once already on their way home. The dark skies policy was questioned about lighting up the signage and it was mentioned that the Village would like to capture people coming North from the ferries to let them know where Cumberland is.

Here`s what was discussed at Tuesday`s council meeting. 

Planning and Development

  • A proposition to permit a new awning and back lit sign on the First Insurance building was turned down. A new proposal will have to be presented. One that does not include a back lit sign and a more visually pleasing awning.
  • 2013 OCP 2nd draft will be available on November 8th at the village office as well as on the Village website.
  • Council approved an additional $15,000 Stantec requested to finish the Official Community Plan for the Village. ( the 2004 OCP cost $110,000)
  • The Cumberland Development Cost Charges Amendment Bylaw No. 987, 2013 has been given second reading but not third reading
  • The development permit for the ILO-ILO has expired a while ago and no new one has been applied for.
  • There is no occupancy permit for the apartments above the library yet.
  • The official opening of the Library will be held on October 26th at 1pm.

Here's what's on the agenda for Monday's council meeting. 5:30pm in Council Chambers. Full agenda papers here as usual. 

  • Skatepark - A Memorandum of Understanding with CCSS to work together on the Skatepark, and a project update.
  • Village of Cumberland Entrance Sign - with a budget of up to $35,000
  • Cumberland Museum & Archives Society: Proposed Building Improvements - Asking for support for a grant application
  • A summary of all the 2013 capital (major infrastructure) projects
  • Development Cost Charges Amendment Bylaw

This week our reporting is by Melissa - look for her report on Wednesday. 


Here's what's on the agenda for Tuesday (it's a Holiday Monday) at 5.30pm in Council Chambers. Full agenda papers here. 

  • Summary of feedback received from the community and others on the OCP draft
  • Increase in the total OCP budget to $136k, with consulting fees now $110k against an original $90k budget.
  • Awarding the Cumberland and Bevan road geotechnical survey to Leviton for $30k
  • Purchase of a street sweeper for $212k
  • Consult with businesses about an inter-community business licence scheme
  • Street closures for Remembrance Day - 11th November, and the Big Truck Parade - 1 December
  • Development permits for a sign and awning at the First Insurance building
  • Reports from staff departments and council

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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