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Mayor - Elected by Acclamation
Leslie Baird As your Mayor I will start with the issues impacting the community directly. Your needs, community events, heritage, roads and streets, keeping taxes in check. We will adopt bylaws which will enable community participation, not inhibit it. More >>> Send email

Kate Greening

A vote for me gives the people a voice

For the three years I have served on council, I have consistently stood up for what I believe to be in the best interests of the majority of Cumberlanders. I have lived in Cumberland for 27 years and am passionate about our Village. More >>> facebook pageSend email

Roger Kishi

Inform, engage, involve.

Inform, engage, involve. These are the central themes of why I am running in this election. I will build community input and engagement processes in the Village of Cumberland, and work towards positive outcomes for our community. More >>> Websitefacebook pageSend email

Todd Riley

Respecting our past, looking to our future.

I believe we need to provide reasonable and sustainable growth, both commercial and residential, in our village. Infrastructure requires major upgrading and employment needs to be provided locally. The decisions we make today will affect the lives of our children and grandchildren tomorrow. More >>>

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Bruce Barnes We all have concerns about clean water, waste management, infrastructure, land development, and taxation. I would like to see more small business, commercial and industrial, welcomed in Cumberland to create employment opportunities. More >>>

Scott Easterbrook

Community, Common Sense and Supporting Local Opinions.

Some of the main issues I would like to help address are; repairs and the funding necessary to do so, recreation upgrades, and maintaining our heritage with added responsible growth. Using common sense and feedback from all residents will give me the best responsible approach to addressing current and upcoming subjects of concern. More >>> facebook pageSend email
Gwyn Sproule After three terms on Council, I remain committed to the vision and policies of the current Official Community Plan, which continues to become more relevant as we move forward. I want to create a sound base for tourism through the promotion of heritage and recreational activities in the area and to keep this community a great place for people of all ages to live. More >>> Send email
Conner Copeman More >>> facebook pageSend email

Eric Kozak

Caring, Committed and willing to Listen

Cumberland needs revenue to repair and improve its aging infrastructure but obtaining this revenue cannot be allowed to cost us the things that make Cumberland special and unique.  A way needs to be found to balance these needs.  Working together that way will be found. More >>>

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Leona Castle I believe I can bring an educated, constructive dialogue to any issues that we are currently faced with as well as those that will arise in the future. More >>> facebook pageSend email
School Trustee

Rick Grinham

Students, community, dedication

I am running in this election to ensure that Cumberland has a community representative on the Board of Trustee for School District 71. Having six years experience as a School Trustee, three of which were as the Board Chair, this places me in a position of understanding of both our local school system and Provincial legislation regarding public education. More >>>

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Yolanda Goodwin

Educate, create, involve

Our schools are affected by the day to day decisions made not just at the provincial level, but through the decisions that the community that they serve make.  School planning must be part of any new community development and growth. More >>> facebook pageSend email

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