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News Council Village Hall Meeting - June 1st 2015

Residents asked questions and raised concerns, and council gave updates on issues and activities.

Cyclist safety - concern about space and sight lines on the road out of Cumberland. Wanting interim measure until the road is rebuilt.

Pesticide and Herbicide spraying - spraying this morning on wrong plants, complained before and expected it to change but did it again, on Allen.

Mural on Telus building next to the legion would be nice - Cumberland Culture and Arts Society is in discussions with Telus and artists. It's in a heritage permit area, so should be brought back to council when more developed.

Welcome Sign - great to see the engagement in the discussion about how to describe our village. Maybe instead of even choosing a single word, have slots to change it out - on Valentines it could be the 'frisky' Village of Cumberland. Then everyone would have a chance to like and dislike what it says on the sign. We'd be the 'dynamic' Village.

Sewer Project

Cost of South Sewer project and tax raises - Council have told CVRD that the cost is too high and the project will need to be revised.

Is use of constructed wetland a no go? VIHA regulations at the moment mean that it won't work.

It is foolish to continue dealing with sewage by dilution, we need to do something different. You could give everyone a composting toilet and show them how to use it for a lot less money.

Why did the sewer project get this far, you must've known that it would be too expensive for the town? We didn't have final costs until now.

You don't need engineers to design this for you, just call 200 communities who have done something different - it's not rocket science but it's grunt work and we could have done it and should be doing it tomorrow. What will the MoE accept and how are other communities meeting that.

Apartments are a key part of handling accommodation needs, being charged twice for sewage and utilities doesn't make it easy to provide affordable housing. Landlords can only increase rents 4% a year unless tenant moves out, hard to keep up with utility bill increases.

Resident has begun a FB group 'Cumberland Residents for Alternative Solutions To the South Sewer Project' click here to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/820214904741933/

Staff noted that there have been residents committees in the past to look at solutions, those have been on hold but may well be reformed if Council does say no to South Sewer, and will be a good place for informal groups to input into the process.

Concern that the RD district will keep pushing to take over more services and the Village will eventually lose sovereignty and push high intensity engineering solutions.

Recreation Update

New recreation coordinator starting on June 8th, increasing programming at the CRI. Summer camp for 3-5yr old at Coal Creek, 6-12yr old activities at the Lake, working on Mountain Bike Camp and more.

Facility review under way, looking at repair needs and more, and options for maintaining, adding, expanding.

Weight room equipment replacement being specified to allow multifunction in small space.

Jump Park design underway for Village Park, and working on land access agreement to legalize forest trails. Skatepark, basketball and tennis court options being presented to council next week. Applying for Canada 150 Celebration grant to look for park funds.

Sustainable trail building workshop held with local trail builders, and re-routed top of Mama Bear's trail as an example.

Lake Road paving? Needs to wait a year for ground to stabilize before paving.


Current Water Situation - at the moment, situation is OK, lakes are full, metering has significantly reduced consumption, the well is working. Stage 1 restrictions are in effect and will be reviewed as summer goes on.

Washing of driveways and other wasteful uses should be restricted in stage1, not stage 2.

Lake Park Wilderness Society

Members of the group running the Campground gave an update, a late start getting things signed and running, now up and going, beginning to work on programming. Moving to a more staffed environment than the previous caretaker model. Just negotiating a concession contract, should be starting in the next week of so.

Homeless and Affordable Housing Update

Committee has met twice, and also part of the Comox Valley Coalition, coming up with terms of reference, in early stages but high hopes for both. Cumberland is well represented and is getting a good reputation for having concerned citizens ready to work on issues. Courtenay doesn't have an elected representative on the committee but working to get them there.

Heritage Commission

Met tonight before the Village Hall, got out in the field and looked at No5 mine and the Fan House, yet to work out how to react to the works done there by Coal Valley. Also reviewed the list of street names for the new area, taken from the UK gazette of streets in Cumberland in 1868.

Accessibility Committee

First meeting will be on June 12th.

Police Presence in Town

Noted more undercover and regular police presence. Yes, new Valley Police Chief has been more involved, although comments have changed recently from not enough presence to maybe too much?!

Zoning Bylaw

Would like to see more input to the rezoning and planning decisions, rather than just in the Advisory Planning Council. Good to have broader public process.

Cemetery Update

Cemetery just been surveyed - for the first time - and tidied up the boundary area, broom busters removed broom from the are too, found some graves that had been covered for decades. Also took broom out of Chinese and Japanese cemeteries.

Now doing design work for improvements, central garden area and maybe gazebo in the centre, and a green burial section available hopefully before the winter. Tree Canada grant given, some tree planting to do in the fall.

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