Tuesday, February 19, 2019
News Council Goodbye Allen Lake? Cumberland To Vote on Joining CVRD Water Supply.

Cumberland Council are expected to vote on Tuesday to suspend the plans to upgrade the existing water system and either formally request to join the CVRD system from Comox Lake, or commission a new strategy study at a cost of up to $75k. 

Cumberland’s aging water supply has presented challenges for many years, most recently an order from Island Health which named problems with the No. 2 Dam spillway as a partial cause of the turbidity and boil water situation in Comox Lake. Solving this could cost up to $8m, though it is unclear how costs might be shared between the parties involved.

The Village is also required to fit UV sterilization equipment to the water supply, a condition of the VIHA operating permit for the water system issued in 2013. This was supposed to be operating by the end of September, but 2015, but the design work has only just been completed and estimated costs have risen from $500k to at least $1.4m, with a recommendation to spend a further $600k to double up the supply line from the Chlorine Shack to the Village. 

Given the potential for multimillion dollar costs in the next few years, Council is asked to make the difficult choice between giving up on the Village’s aging but independent water supply, or spending money on further studies to look at other solutions while asking VIHA to allow the system to continue out of compliance and at risk of another turbidity event in Comox Lake. 

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