Tuesday, February 19, 2019
News Council South Sewer Project Back on the Table. Cumberland asked whether additional funding makes the project worth reconsidering.

Earlier this year, Cumberland Council rejected the CVRD’s South Sewer plan after residents and businesses made it clear that the costs were unaffordable. At the time, residents were projected to see property tax increases of over $1200 per year, or $2400 for those with secondary suites, to pay for the $60m+ project involving a sewer pipe under the Comox Estuary and fully treated waste discharged off Cape Lazo. 

There was always the potential for PPP (public private partnership) grant funding for this project, and that funding is now looking more likely after feedback from PPP Canada that provision of a formal Business Case will give the project a strong change of funding for 25% of the project.

If successful, this funding would halve the property tax increase, leaving homeowners with an estimated $630 annual increase per unit. Cumberland Council will consider whether this possibility is enough to bring the project back for public consultation with a view to rejoining the project, or if these costs, and the proposed solution, are still unacceptable in Cumberland. 

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